Contemporary Poetry: Only one camp, that of peace.

Contemporary Poetry: Only one camp, that of peace.

There are anti-Zionists who are anti-Semitic,
Just as there are anti-Hamas individuals who are racist.
There are anti-Zionists who care for Jews,
Just as there are pacifist defenders of Palestine.
There are tolerant Israelis,
Just as there are Muslim humanists.

There are even people in China or Papua
Who couldn’t care less about what’s happening in Gaza or the West Bank.
Are we going to order them to choose, to demand their opinion?
When they are so far removed from all these questions? No.

Why ask football or television stars to take a stand?
Why ask them when they choose not to get involved?
Why subject Benzema to a media trial
When all he did was support the children and women of Gaza?
Why ask more of him than the leaders?
Why demand he pick a side
As long as he doesn’t promote hatred of the other?
He is neither a member of the Muslim Brotherhood nor an apostle of terrorism.

There are pro-Palestinians
Who consider Jews as dogs,
There are pro-Israelis
For whom dogs are superior to Palestinians.
But there are also good people in Israel and Palestine,
And everywhere else, who want this centuries-old conflict to end.

There is only one valid camp, that of peace,
It’s the only commitment that is non-negotiable, everywhere and forever.

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