Contemporary Poetry: Horrors to Come.

Contemporary Poetry: Horrors to Come.

Awaiting the true beginning of a war,
An offensive repeatedly announced,
An eye for an eye against a terrorizing Hamas,
Unfortunately, with civilians left with only prayers,
To battle against the rains of fire from the sky, against the next tank shells,
The lack of food, water, a future, hope.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Hamas hide in tunnels,
They dwell on their plans: to terrorize and isolate Israel,
To use Gaza as a basin of blood,
Inflating the ranks with martyrs.

Faced with so many horrors to come,
Faced with decades of new combatants,
Of attacks and counterattacks in the land of Canaan,
Even the United States cannot help but shudder.

Will Joe Biden part the Red Sea for the Palestinians?
Will he restrain the understandable thirst for vengeance among the Israelis?
Where do we live, in the final embers of American power
That is no longer capable of averting a series of catastrophes?…

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