Contemporary Poetry: Around Gaza.

Contemporary Poetry: Around Gaza.

A father, lost, searches in the desert of a rave party
For a trace of his daughter, a sign that she’s alive
All he sees are puddles of blood turning from red to black
All he feels is anger and despair.

A mother, searches amidst the rubble of a bombardment
For a breath of life from her son, her little boy
She dismantles concrete blocks with bare hands
She’s consumed by anguish and resentment.

On both sides of a border
That should only be imaginary
Fathers and mothers weep for their children
Who were all innocent.

Far from the decisions made by vile politicians
Far from the decisions made by blind fanatics
They mourn the dearest of their hearts
They mourn an unjust misfortune
That descends in the name of vengeance, a relentless nemesis
That will never return their daughter or son.

Peace is made with one’s enemies
It’s time for this perpetual war to cease
Because, on both sides, today’s dead
Feed the dreadful hydra of conflict
Because on both sides, inconsolable losses
Must compel those with the power to be responsible.

A father weeps for his daughter in the solitude of his grief
A mother mourns her son in the pain of her bosom
Unfortunately, it’s the suffering they share.

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