Contemporary Poetry: A Headless Rocket.

Contemporary Poetry: A Headless Rocket.

A rocket fell upon a hospital,
And flames claimed hundreds of lives.
The tears and mourning on the ruins of Al Ahli
Move all those who are not in denial.

Grieving families on both sides now
Children victims of senseless adults,
Palestine suffers, and Israel lacks security,
The Arab street rumbles, and anger is amplified…

This rocket is so harmful that it has no head,
It is alternatively Israeli and Palestinian,
It symbolizes the cruelty of the conquering army,
Or the idiocy of terrorists with antiquated methods.

This headless rocket snuck in like a headless chicken
For the most hideous, most abominable massacre,
That of the weak, the wounded, and the sick.
The headless rocket creates a new escalation
Among the belligerents who will all lie with confidence
So that they are not held responsible
For this heinous crime, this nameless slaughter,
Since fallen from the sky, the rocket is without identity.

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