Contemporary Poetry: Nuance. (Denouncing Hamas and Thinking of Palestinians)

Contemporary Poetry: Nuance. (Denouncing Hamas and Thinking of Palestinians)

To cry that Hamas is a terrorist monster,
Doesn’t deny that Palestinians resist,
An unjust and detestable oppression,
Unlawful and pitiful expropriations.

To condemn bloodthirsty barbarians to public scorn,
Who massacre the elderly and babies,
Doesn’t mean accepting the unacceptable arbitrariness,
Weighing on an expelled people, a uprooted nation.

To abhor atrocities committed without humanity,
By monsters who are human in name only,
Doesn’t erase the sincere emotion
For those who’ve lived for decades in refugee camps.

Israel has suffered in its flesh, in its blood.
Gaza suffers under the bombardment of its children.
And the world is only sadder and less humane,
For when an Arab or Jewish child is killed, it’s the death of our shared humanity.

There’s no support to be shown for blind violence,
Only prayers to be recited for all the hostages in Gaza,
The anxious families with loved ones over there,
Be they Jewish hostages or Arab families. They seek peace.

And in the meantime, a teacher is slain in France,
Because he represents reflection, nuance…

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