Contemporary Poetry: Hope?

Contemporary Poetry: Hope?

For the past two weeks, a countdown
Has begun, but seems to be taking detours.
In Gaza, bombs are falling, in Israel, the dead are buried.
IDF and Hamas, face to face, silently observing.

Then, waiting poses the question of a programmed war
Which, for now, despite civilian casualties on both sides, is at a standstill.
Two American hostages released: the start of negotiations?
Humanitarian aid trucks passing by: the beginning of discussions?
Can Hamas and the Israeli army in their existential duel
Agree to make the slaughter less cruel?
Without decapitated children or those torn apart by bombs?
Without cowardly captured hostages or induced famine?

Is it permissible to hope that in the dark night of hatred
A glimmer of humanity would illuminate the hearts of the tragic actors in this scene?

The world holds its breath to prevent this conflict from degenerating
Into a terrible war with uncertain paths.
So, Israeli tanks, refrain from shooting at the Egyptians as you did today,
And Hamas, cease the policy of the worst for your own, the Palestinians.

Hope or despair, the answer will come in tumult or relief. There’s still time…

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