Latin expressions explained: Per fas et nefas.

Latin expressions explained (4): Per fas et nefas.

Per fas et nefas is a Latin expression that can be translated into « by fair means or foul » or « by legal and illegal means. » It is used to describe a person or action that is willing to do anything, regardless of whether it is morally correct or not, to achieve a goal.

The origin of this expression dates back to ancient Rome, where fas referred to religious and moral laws considered sacred, while nefas referred to actions considered morally or legally condemnable.

This expression is generally used in a political or legal context to describe actions that go against laws and moral values. It can also be used to describe a person who is willing to use any means to achieve their goals, no matter how they are obtained.

She will act per fas et nefas to achieve her goals, she is willing to do anything.

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