L and J Love Poetry: Suddenly♥️


L and J Love Poetry: Suddenly♥️

A heart of fire, of passions, was beating,
Days and nights enveloped in whirlwinds,
Silences, words, all emotion,
The magic of finding solutions.

Smiles quickly answered tears,
Clumsiness rarely brought sighs,
With kindness, sapphire eyes,
A simple fakir’s balance.

It was more than a millennium ago,
Dinosaurs roamed in that era,
Not so distant, yet it feels like yesterday,
When we let ourselves go.

From the beautiful sky, mud fell,
Without warning, it drowned everything,
Nature became a thing of the past,
Shared lives were walled up.

The icon of Mary reaches out to me,
With her infinite voice of Hosanna,
Chanting beautiful incarnate verses,
A lethargic melody of the turmoil.

To listen to and meditate upon.

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