L and J Love Poetry: Innocent Times♥️


L and J Love Poetry: Innocent Times♥️

Innocent times retain their value
For years and decades they stay
They possess the sweetness of purity
Their flavor doesn’t fade into the bland.

They are lived without hurting anyone
They are joyful as they don’t take or give.
Love between two separated by a cigarette paper
Comes alive like a carousel that you don’t want to stop.
It doesn’t harm anyone when two become one
It carves a diamond when it sparkles in each one’s eyes.

Innocent times remain the most beautiful
They are not created by will or opportunity
They themselves tell their path crescendo
They don’t play, they laugh at the randomness of dice.

Innocent times retain freshness
In all uncomfortable and superior eras
They tell a purity and an unimaginable magic
That makes even egocentric souls palpable dreams.

Innocent times stretch until they become great
When pettiness is overcome
When deceits have lost their psychology
They adorn themselves with the poetry of unspeakable oaths.

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