L and J Love Poetry: a night of comets ♥️


L and J Love Poetry: a night of comets ♥️

Rays of light rose towards the stars
Like tubes, they illuminated
The comets that streaked across the azure sky
And carried our most beautiful wishes.

I saw you in the Milky Way Smiling, with a sweet honey taste.
I saw my flaming face
In a boat of sky, hands on the oars
To sail towards countries of lunar night
To tender, welcoming, and imaginary planets.

I told you stories
That lasted only for an evening
They kept you on edge
For barely sixteen years.

And in a field of asteroids
I lost the helm
While you were leaving
Yet, I remained intrepid.

I often looked at the veil of stars
And sought your tenderness in those tales
That these summer evenings tell
Which are so loved by those who are in love.

And sometimes, carried by the wind
I found you without holding you back
And the wind carried away your sighs
But the next day, I patiently returned.

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