L and J Love Poetry: A celestial staircase♥️


L and J Love Poetry: A celestial staircase♥️

A celestial staircase with cloud steps,
On each one, an inscription in sunlit letters.
I climb the first with the word
Patience against storms,

My right foot on the second,
Soberness like an awakening.
I continue to ascend and the letters of Forgiveness shine.
One more effort, and I tread on Listening,
Which precedes on the cloudy road,
Understanding, Which paradoxically leads to knowing how to say No.

Then the words become distinctly luminous,
The cloudy floor thickens with each degree,
The next one sparkles with Shared Desire,
And the one after that reflects the glimmers of Serious Laughter.
The white foam rises with the inscription Construction,
And the last cumulus is engraved with Tenderness, Love and Passion.

Then a mirrored door emerges with an Amethyst handle,
A sign indicates « Us » in sighs of schist letters.
Which are elegance and relief that the ascent is over.
It takes two to open the door, to turn the handle.
Have you climbed to the other side on the same staircase?
When we come face to face, will we look fine?

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