L and J Love Poetry: Unjust love ♥️


L and J Love Poetry: Unjust love ♥️

Love is unjust
That’s what makes it so human
It defies the smartest predictions
And in the blink of an eye becomes old and worn
So there is no trial for responsibility
Guilt only exists to give in.

Love is unjust
When it’s not reciprocated
It whispers maliciously
The impossible union, the impossible trade
Of tender feelings and gestures
That in solitude we wait for.

Love is arbitrary
Choice of the king or the princess
It is less and less supportive
When individual pleasure becomes the mass
Of desires in our lives with tentacles reaching far
That whisper of breakups When our certainty wanders
And we become prey to a new capture.

But love remains pure
From its beginning
What we put into it
From the lasting passion In the depths of absence
Only they experience consistency.

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