Contemporary Poetry: USA, an Election.

Contemporary Poetry: USA, an Election.

A feeble old man with failing memory
Steps into the ring, advances, stumbles, breaks his hip.
Yet he is the hope of the democratic world From Ukraine, Europe, even America.   Facing him, a fiery old man, peroxide redhead
With confident gait and speech Stands opposite.
One foot in prison High treason, he shields himself with aplomb.

The gong has sounded. The battle begins abruptly
The first forgets, staggers, mires in Israel
The challenger reviles, his lies rain like hail
A people in the middle, bewildered, prays against the rift.

This country is the land of freedom, modernity, democracy
I am French. I remember the white crosses in Normandy
I remember the Iron Curtain was barbed wire
I remember the United States, a enlightened nation.

The world needs a beacon. France, England before
Today, Russia, China? Rather our cousins across the ocean.
Against barbarism, dictatorship, famine and despair
Wake up! Your country and the world cannot be a deathbed.

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