Famous Quotes Explained: « Beauty, we know it dies, and thus we know it exists, » The Church, Céline, 1926.

Famous Quotes Explained: « Memory is always at the command of the heart, »Rivaroliana, Rivarol, Charles-Yves Cousin, 1812.

Famous Quotes Explained: « All industry, all commerce will eventually become but one immense unique bazaar, where one will obtain everything, » Money, Zola, 1891.

Famous Quotes Explained: « Even without hope, the struggle is still a hope », from The Enchanted Soul, Romain Rolland, 1922-1933.

Famous Quotes Explained: « The devil is still the best ruse to exonerate God. » – Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud, 1929.

Famous Quotes Explained: « He who loses himself in his passion loses less than he who loses his passion, » The Confessions, Saint Augustine, 397-401.

Famous Quotes Explained: « Words are the mysterious passers-by of the soul, »Les Contemplations, Victor Hugo, 1856.

Famous Quotes Explained: « Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures. », From the book Le Jour et la Nuit (The Day and the Night), Georges Braque, 1952.

Famous Quotes Explained: « Philosophy is the discipline of creating concepts, »What is Philosophy?, Deleuze, 1991.

Famous quotes explained : « Paris is a populated solitude. A provincial town is a desert without solitude, » La Province, François Mauriac, 1926.