L and J Love Poetry: Reinventing oneself♥️


L and J Love Poetry: Reinventing oneself ♥️

Reinventing oneself is not an easy task.
For couples who have been together for a long time to ask
Taking risks and sharing them is a must
Going into the unknown, without knowing where it will lead us.

Reinventing oneself takes courage and imagination
When routine has become the narration
Of a present love, but with a lack of passion
With no more surprises that fade away, slowly fading into oblivion.

So it seems easier in other arms to find
New secrets here on earth and peace of mind
Going back to oneself and retracing one’s steps
Putting old habits to rest, into storage it’s kept.

Reinventing oneself is a challenging and exciting feat
Calling for energy and talent to meet
Making mistakes is inevitable, that’s the treat
It’s also rediscovering in the other, the former heat
The things we once loved so much, now more complete.

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